Apr 26

Speaking at SQL Saturday #175 Fargo

I’ll be traveling with the rest of the Minnesota SQL Server gang up to Fargo, ND for their first SQL Saturday. My presentation is on the Microsoft Clustering data mining algorithm.

Microsoft SQL Server makes it simple to apply data mining algorithms to a wide variety of data. Applying the results to business decisions without a thorough understanding of how the algorithms work is dangerous to the bottom line of the business, though. This session will take one of the algorithms, the Microsoft Clustering Algorithm, and do a deep dive into the mechanics of how it works. The algorithm is valuable for analyzing data in the fields of marketing, social networks and many others. The session will also examine the types of data that are valid for clustering. A demonstration of building a clustering model using SQL Server Analysis Services and viewing the model using the Excel Data Mining Add-In will be given.

The slides are online too if you’d like to take a look.

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