Jun 08

Displaying Tick Marks on SSRS Line Chart

I was recently working with a client to display some of their sales data over the last several fiscal years.  We were using a line graph in an SSRS report to display the data.   The odd thing was that the monthly tick marks were showing up at odd intervals.  It seemed that there was space for more, but SSRS wasn’t displaying them.  I’ve created a similar data set to demonstrate the problem and the solution.

The data set is a simple time series with sales by month.


The report contains a line graph with FiscalYear and FiscalMonth as the Category Groups and Sales as the Value.


When the report displays two years of data with the default settings, however, it only displays every fifth month even though there is plenty of room to show more tick marks.  This would be confusing for the users to try find the month they are looking for on the graph.


I wanted to display more tick marks – at least every other month.  After playing around with the settings a bit I didn’t see an easy way to do it.  Some web searches found a page on how to Specify an Axis Interval on MSDN.  According to it, all I had to do was alter the Axis Properties.  I right clicked on the Horizontal Axis on the Design tab and opened the Horizontal Axis Properties dialogue box.  I changed the Interval setting from Auto to 2.


Now the chart displayed the way I wanted.